Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello Google Chrome -- Goodbye IE7

Google is preparing to launch its debut in the internet browser market with an open source browser that is expected to compete with Firefox, Apple Safari, and of course Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (“IE7”). Several years ago I wrote an article that discussed IE7 and some of its promising features. I personally use IE7 at home and at work. I believe it is very good browser and I have no major criticisms of IE7. That being said, I’m getting my bags packed and preparing to go on a trip with Google’s new browser called “Chrome.” I believe that Chrome has a very promising future for the following reasons.

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Paralegal Props said...

Wow, your document describing Google Chrome's features is great. I had no idea about all of that. I, too, tend to stick with IE7. I downloaded Google Chrome as an alternate browser, and so far so good! Thanks for sharing your information.

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