Saturday, July 21, 2007

IPA Honors Its Credentialed Paralegals And Awards First PACE Scholarship

On Wednesday, June 20, 2007, during an historical luncheon in the Victory Ballroom at The Hilton, the Indiana Paralegal Association honored its PACE Registered Paralegals of NPFA and Certified Paralegals of NALA for the first time in the history of IPA. Indiana is one of the leaders nationwide with paralegals who have accepted the national challenge to become credentialed. This celebration luncheon coincided with the Tenth Anniversary of the development of PACE.

At the luncheon, the honored guests and attendees were privileged to be addressed by The Honorable Heather Welch, Marion Superior Court Judge, who gave a dynamic and inspiring presentation on her personal experience with the work involved in becoming a Judge and the correlation to those paralegals who have made the extra effort to become credentialed.

The Honorable Heather Welch
Marion Superior Court Judge

During the celebration luncheon, which was generously sponsored by IKON, IPA and IKON jointly presented their first annual PACE Scholarship to Lisa E. Keffaber, Paralegal at Tiede Metz & Downs, P.C. in Wabash, Indiana. These scholarships combined total approximately $800 and can be used for the PACE Study Manual, PACE Candidate’s Handbook, PACE examination fee, online mock examination and the 7-week online review course offered by the American Institute for Paralegal Studies in their Distance Learning Program.

Steve Finchum of IKON Presents PACE Scholarship To Lisa Keffaber, Paralegal

Janet Logan, CP, Presents PACE Scholarship On Behalf of IPA to Lisa Keffaber, Paralegal

The guests honored during this celebration included not only the IPA members who are credentialed paralegals, but also three members of IPA who are national officials with NFPA: Anita Haworth, RP, NFPA President; Linda McGirr, Vice President & Director of Membership and Susan Heisler, Director of Pro Bono Services. Also present among honored guests was Kevin McGoff, President of the Indianapolis Bar Association.

The Credentialed Paralegals who were honored during IPA’s historic luncheon are:

Jocelyn L. Acker, RP
Passed PACE 01-05-00

Joetta J. Allgood, RP
Passed PACE 06-30-99
Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP

Ryan M. Ayres, RP
Passed PACE 10-12-00
St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers

Diane S. Brow, RP
Passed PACE 11-17-00
One America

Denise M. Brown, RP
Passed PACE 03-01-01
Stevens & Associates

Daena J. Cooper, RP
Passed PACE 03-16-01
State Farm Litigation Counsel

Lesley Cox, RP
Passed PACE 03-29-99
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim

PACE Registered Paralegals of NFPA and Certified Paralegals of NALA are Recognized at IPA’s Inaugural Celebration of its Credentialed Paralegals at the Hilton’s Victory Ballroom

Becky A. Fehr, RP
Passed PACE 02-17-03
Wyatt Tarrent & Combs, LLP

Brenda K. Ferguson, RP
Passed PACE 04-10-01
Dow AgroSciences, LLC

Terry J. Gilstrap, PC
Passed PACE 03-01-01
William A. Goebel, Attorney

Teresa Gross, CLA
Passed CLA Exam 01-01-89
Bose, McKinney & Evans, LLP
IPA’s First Credentialed Paralegal

Lynn C. Hannon, RP
Passed PACE 12-27-04
Dow AgroSciences

Anita G. Haworth, RP
Passed PACE 09-07-99
Campbell Kyle Proffitt, LLP

Christopher J. Holly, RP
Passed PACE 03-29-00
Medicaid Solutions

Melissa L. Hubler, RP
Passed PACE 10-07-00
Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.

Tia L.Jackson, RP
Passed PACE 11-27-06
Conseco Services, LLC

Lauren K. Jones, RP
Passed PACE 03-09-01
Bowers Harrison LLP

Linda G. Kaufman, RP
Passed PACE 12-08-00
The Pardieck Law Firm

Cynthia L. Kirchhofer, RP
Passed PACE 12-09-00
St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers

Janet S. Logan, CP
Passed CLA Exam 05-01-90
Krieg Devault LLP

Linda D. Moorman, RP
Passed PACE 04-09-01
Dow AgroSciences LLP

Nancy J. Mulder, RP
Passed PACE 06-15-00

Deborah K. Neale, RP
Passed PACE 12-11-00
Tabbert Hahn Earnest & Weddle LLP

M. Kim Richardson, RP, CP
Passed PACE 02-28-05
Ice Miller, LLP
Passed CLA Exam 01-01-06
IPA’s Only RP/CP

Cynthia K. Rooks, RP
Passed PACE 12-02-00
Locke Reynolds, LLP

Cheryl L. Saalfrank, RP
Passed PACE 11-10-03
Scannell Properties

Edna M. Wallace, RP
Passed PACE 07-11-97
Whitman, Hebenstreit & Zubek, LLP
IPA’s First PACE Registered Paralegal

Barbara D. Wayne, RP
Passed PACE 08-21-00
Tabbert Hahn Earnest & Weddle, LLP

Beverly A. Zimmerman, RP
Passed PACE 04-03-99
Boren, Oliver & Coffey

Special Thanks to IKON for its tremendous sponsorship of this special event!

For more information regarding PACE, contact Debi Neale, RP, IPA PACE Ambassador at 317-639-5444 or .

By Debi Neale, RP
IPA PACE Ambassador
The tenth in a series of
PACE Ambassador Reports