Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ABA extends discount to early registrants for the ABA Legal Tech Conference in Chicago, IL

With the flurry of legal tech conferneces going forward this year, I would again like to reccomend that anyone interested in legal technology attend the ABA legal tech conference on March 22 - 24. The conference has a special paralegal rate of only $295 for the full three (3) day conference (only $245 if you sign up before February 16, 2007). I personally believe that this conference (especially in the post FRCP change world) should be mandatory for attorneys and highly reccomended for paralegals. I continue to see and hear about attorneys printing off obscene ammounts of ESI, and refusing to even attempt EDD (in state court cases). I believe that this conference, and others like it, will only reinforce the ethical questions surrounding the professional obligation to be familar with EDD and to attempt e-discovery when appropiate.

The conference is really a collection of the best and brightest in the legal tech field. I hope to see you there.

ABA Legal Tech Show

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